Brand New Live Poker Room in New York

Looking for a place to play poker in New York? Social Poker is one of the safest and most professionally-run poker games in Midtown, New York. The room’s official opening at 2:30 p.m. and often doesn’t finish until the sun comes up.

Poker players have access to a new poker room featuring 3 tables and amenities like USB charging ports at every seat and a host of big-screen TVs. Social Poker offers hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha games.

“We are committed to providing our guests with the most extensive, exciting and our poker room is best in its class and a perfect example of this commitment.”

What is No Limit Poker?

No limit poker is an incredibly popular version of Texas Hold’Em. In essence, the term no limit means that players have no limit to how much of their chip stack they can use to bet or raise an opponent. The only stipulation is that players must always fulfil the minimum betting requirement per hand i.e. small or big blind. At any stage of a hand in no limit poker, a player is within their rights to push all of their chip stack into the middle of the table, risking all of their stack on any specific hand. This is regarded as going ‘all in’.

Is it legal to play poker in New York?

Poker is a popular game in New York. Under current laws in New York, New York players are among the most well-represented at offshore poker rooms and can play for real money legally. It’s not legal to host poker games.

Current Poker Games:

Social Poker offers the following poker games that include:

  • $1/3 No Limit Holdem
  • $1/2 No Limit Holdem
  • $2/5 No Limit Holdem and
  • $2/2 Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

No Limit Holdem Poker Bonus

A bonus is like a coupon if you don’t say anything about your bonus/coupon.

  • 10% Early Bird Bonus.
  • $25 Signup bonus for brand new player.
  • 20% bonus for $1/3 No Limit Holdem
  • $75 bonus for $2/5 Deepstake
  • $40 bonus for $2/2 Pot Limit Omaha
  • BONUS REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 2 hours session.

How Do I Join to the Poker Games in New York?

To join the Social Poker Club fill out the form or Text “SPBlog” to 347-471-1813 with full name, email & occupation to get the location and reserve a seat at a game. Join our daily No Limit Holdem Poker games in New York and let us know how we’re doing! Why play anywhere else?

Maria Konnikova and Her Poker Journey Featured in New York Times

A number of weeks earlier, the New York Times included a short article on “retired” poker specialist Vanessa Selbst’s brand-new life as a hedge fund supervisor. Currently, the New York Times is going the various other instructions with a featured interview on poker player Maria Konnikova. In the interview, Konnikova shared her choice to pursue poker, her experience in the, as well as her future plans.

Maria Konnikova made a decision to write a book centered on poker, less than two years back, a game she knew nothing regarding. She was lucky enough to employ poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel as a coach, and also soon she was sitting behind players like Jason Koon and Ike Haxton.

For those that have not know just what Konnikova has actually done during the past year, it is something that is quite impressive. After doing publications that examined the assuming procedure of Sherlock Holmes and how you can use it to real life and why we succumb to the shams of confidence men (“con men”), Konnikova was at a loss about her following instructions. Konnikova, who made her doctorate in psychology from Columbia University in 2013, lastly settled on the world of poker and, particularly, the results of good luck and also decision making.

Just like any kind of appropriate scientist, Konnikova really did not waltz in and also simply begin chucking chips. Examining under the tutoring of poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel, Konnikova obtained a Ph.D. in poker from probably among the very best of all-time before even stepped to a poker table. As soon as she did, nonetheless, she showed the abilities of a poker that had actually gone to the tables for years.

In January, she headed to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, where she continued to stun several in the poker community. She won the PCA National Championship $1650 Event for $84,600. In addition to the major title, she also earned a Platinum Pass valued at $30,000. Since then, Konnikova has actually added an additional 10 cashes money on almost all the significant event circuits, consisting of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker. As a matter of fact, her run has actually been such a success that Konnikova has put the book plans on hold to ride the poker success streak out.

Check out NYT Profile of Maria Konnikova here, as the poker world could learn quite a bit about bringing new players (male or female) to the game and the approach to learning the game.